Downtown Connector Progressing!

Tina Carton, Admin of Parks, Open Lands, Historic Preservation, and Sustainability for the City of Saratoga Springs, shared this update with guests at the ADK Sports Expo,  March 17-18, 2018.  Note that in developing the trail the City has split this section into what it calls the “Downtown Connector” (Described here)  and the “Downtown Extender” (which will connect down to the RR Run Trail and into Spa Park).

Downtown Connector: The City of Saratoga Springs is planning to construct a 1.66 mile multi-use trail from City Hall in downtown extending up High Rock Avenue to Excelsior Avenue and terminatingat the Route 50 Bridge over I-87 at exit 15. The trail will be a combination of off-road multi-use trails, sidewalks, crosswalks, on-road bike lanes, and transit stops in a manner that promotes safe, high-quality, alternate transportation choices.

Project Goals & Objectives: The Saratoga Greenbelt Trail Downtown Connector would bring a number of benefits to surrounding communities including: Encourage non-motorized transportation along the High Rock Ave/Excelsior Ave corridor from Lake Ave/Maple Ave to the new Route 50 path near I-87 exit 15 a length of about 1.66 miles by providing an uninterrupted safe connection between these two points. This will be accomplished by constructing a combination of off-road paths, on-road bike lanes, sidewalks, crosswalks, transit stops, and connections to existing infrastructure.

Greenbelt Trail Downtown Connector: The design will seek to avoid and minimize to the extent practical impacts to adjacent properties, historical features and environmentally sensitive areas while still accomplishing the project objectives.

The Downtown Connector Route: The project will make it safe for more people to walk and bike in our City providing health and economic benefits to residents, tourists and businesses. It will provide improved connections to key destinations such as High Rock Park, the Saratoga Springs Farmer’s market, shopping areas, neighborhoods, and other trail networks. It enhance the historic beauty of the area through the incorporation of historic LED lighting in High Rock Park, installation of benches and bike racks, as well as the addition of new street trees along the corridor. It will seek to avoid and minimize to the extent practical impacts to adjacent properties, historical features and environmentally sensitive areas while still accomplishing the project objectives.

Timeline & Next Steps: The Saratoga Greenbelt Downtown Connector Trail project is currently in the preliminary design and environmental review phase. The project timeline is illustrated here.