Imagine being able to walk, run, bike, skate or even ski around and through the City of Saratoga Springs on a network of safe pathways for both recreation and transportation.  Thanks to a great group of partners and supporters, we now have a plan for that!  For more on the history of the effort, read the story on Around the Silo.

The Saratoga Greenbelt Trail is a visionary 24 mile network of trails that upon completion will form a continuous loop with interconnected feeder streets and trails throughout the City of Saratoga Springs New York. Click for more on the plan and the current priories.
The design highlights the local landscape, honors our heritage and celebrates the culture of Saratoga. The plan enjoys broad support as it has the potential to improve the economy, protect the environment and improve the the quality of life for residents and visitors for generations to come. Join the movement today!