Saratoga PLAN to Conserve Farm, Securing Key Section of SGT

Saratoga PLAN announced today that the nonprofit conservation organization has reached an agreement with the Pitney family to purchase the 166-acre Pitney Farm on West Avenue in the City of Saratoga Springs. The well-known and cherished farm landscape, with its cluster of rustic gray barns and large open corn field, is one of the last remaining, and the most visible, of active farms remaining within city limits.

PLAN’s preservation of the farm is also a big win for the Saratoga Greenbelt Trail, which calls for a connection from the YMCA to the Amtrak Station by way of the farm.  Moreover, there is the possibility for a second connection that could go from the YMCA to the westside neighborhoods by way of the farm’s tunnel under the railroad tracks.

“The site lends itself to all kinds of agricultural pursuits and community activities,” said Maria Trabka, Executive Director of Saratoga PLAN and a core member of the Saratoga Greenbelt Trail Committee.  “The fields, woods and creeks offer plenty of space for an agricultural training program for beginning farmers, incubator farmettes for apprentice level farmers, community gardens, plots for pick-your-own, an arboretum and nursery of native and nut trees, and hiking trails. We are developing the concept of a community farm, a place where people are welcome to participate in a variety of ways…this project will really be a place for people and keep the ‘country in the city’ for this town which desires to remain a ‘city in the country.'”

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